I hear it all the time. “We’re the next big thing” in this or that.

Here’s the thing about anyone who tells you they’re the next big thing in anything.

“If you want to be the big thing, you’re a follower, not a leader.”

Daniel Mumby

That solves that then, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. Because, while you’re searching for or trying to be the next big thing at whatever you do, you’re missing out on opportunities everywhere.

Why do you need to find the next big thing when the now thing is staring you in the face.

Instead of trying to invent the next “Uber for fish”, founders can find answers to compelling global problems right now.

All problems have solutions

Work on solving problems in education, energy, services, food, transport, health, housing, logistics, agriculture.

All these industries need you and your talents urgently. More than 7 billion people on the planet want you to act now and solve their problems.

What are you waiting for? Permission? Entrepreneurs never do.

Stop trying to come up with the next big thing. And don’t become a copycat or do what someone else already has, thinking you’ll do it better and that will be enough.

Instead, be brave, bold and brazen. The world is watching and waiting for you to lead. So, why aren’t you?

Put down your phone, switch off your laptop and start solving real problems.

While I’m talking about solutions, you might want to learn how to think like Einstein before you pull out your drawing board.