Why don’t investors get back to me

Why don’t investors call me back?

There’s a difference between the rational & the reality. Not every investor that you reach out is going to invest, or perhaps even reply.
All genuine investors want to invest, but they also usually have a very well-formed investing ethos. So if you’ve reached out to them the right way, it may simply be that you don’t meet their criteria in terms of stage, sector, experience, traction, or a hundred other elements. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Once you understand how investors operate, you have a better chance of connecting, engaging and working with just the right select few who can help along on your mission.
Let’s have a brief look at a couple of the criteria of some investors we know.
    • Do you have something that has a genuine need in the market?
    • Is it unique, compelling or inspiring?
    • Did you approach the investors  ‘professionally’?
    • Do you meet their criteria?
    • Is your sector/ audience/ market one that inspires them?
    • Are demonstrating a scale of return that meets their objectives?
    • Presenting as professional, and understand the role of an investor?
Timing is a key part., and so is guidance.
Key here is also to know all the right elements –  amount/ timing/ source/ purpose/ outcome -for the money you seek.
We’ll also step you through the investment cycle, and show you what you should be looking for at each stage.

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