Startups: Avoiding the sharks

Startups: Avoiding The Sharks

We have all heard the stories about founders, pitching for months (or even years) to fund their ‘great idea’, ending up working with  ‘sharks’ who take advantage of these early-stage venture founders  (Or even worse, then failing to get any investment at all). 
This can be a combination of the wrong valuation or not being prepared or just the founder simply looking for the wrong type of Investment at the wrong time. The same is true of the right “mentors & advisors”.
·         What are the ten most important types of guidance?
·         How to recognise & avoid the sharks.
·         What types guidance do you need?
·         How should you reward/pay them?
·         What should you expect from them?
·         What might they expect from you?
·         Where do you find the right mentors & advisors?
·         Who can introduce you to them?
Not doing your research, or getting the right advice about where you are on your journey (and what you need next) can kill your venture. So surrounding yourself with the right people from the start is going to significantly increase your chances of success.

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