Why will no collar jobs become the white and blue collar jobs of the future? And what does this mean for our children?

If you hadn’t noticed the storm in the national economy in regard to how Australians work, you might not have noticed what’s been going on. This has what’s been happening while you weren’t paying attention:

  • Never-ending battles over who should be Prime Minister.
  • Jobs in the sharing economy (such as food delivery contractors).
  • The gig economy.
  • Unions fighting to prove their relevance.
  • Technology replacing jobs.
  • The gender salary divide.
  • Political parties fighting a class war over who cares more about workers.

The times are changing

The reality is we don’t live in 1970s Australia anymore.

In the US, it is common for people to be interns for up to a year to prove themselves – particularly in finance and politics. Sounds like a plot for a movie. Oh, hang on, wasn’t that the story in The Pursuit of Happyness?

The biggest change I see is in the gradual replacement of traditional blue and white collar jobs with “no-collar” jobs.

We’re seeing a growing list of workers who have no need for a shirt of any color. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, technology developers, ‘hipsters’, work from home mums, bloggers, YouTubers… the list goes on.

Can you think of others that I’ve missed?

This new world order creates fundamental changes in how people live, work and collaborate. 

What’s your strategy to deal with the changes that are coming? How will you and your children cope with the jobs of the future? Perhaps now is the time to start building a legacy for your next generation?