How Do I Get An Investor

How Do I Get An Investor?

Where most Start-ups go wrong with Investors is looking for the wrong type of investment at the wrong time. Valuing the business too highly so not only putting off initial investment but polluting future investment. 
Should I pitch to an angel? Apply for a business accelerator? Run crowdfunding campaign? Approach my family & friends to invest? Reach out to a VC (Venture Capitalist)? Or even run an ICO-/crypto-token scheme (some might say ‘scam’)?
We look at venture capital raising through a different ‘lens’, taking a ‘funding pipeline’ approach that you won’t have experienced before.  As  founders, investors, people builders, planners, strategists and visionaries, our experiences in creating & building businesses, have led us to discover the answers to a great many of these challenges around money (it seems to come pretty naturally to us).
Do you know how:-
·         Much money you’ll need, when & what for?
·         To identify the right type of next investor?
·         To approach investors in the right way?
·         To fund to your next milestone?
·         To Build a funding roadmap?
·         To value your venture fairly, and in a way that attracts investors?
Or that the terms of the offer are clear & transparent? 
By looking at over 30 funding methods, including grant & crowd-funding sources, our venture investing support extends up the startup chain, from pre-seed funding (accelerator & advisory funding), seed & co-development partnerships with enterprise, and post-seed funding through our venture investment arm, to follow-on funding via our Angel and VC partners.

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