Startup Sessions

Startup Sessions
We are running a series of focus sessions on key areas to help startups succeed. Join us and our team of startup mentors, advisors and investors to learn how to navigate the startup investment ecosystem in Australia!

Why don’t investors call me back?

You’ve sent your pitch deck off to investors, and then nothing. Find out what the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when approaching investors, and how you can get called back!

How do I get an investor?

Where most startups go wrong with investors is looking for the wrong type of investment at the wrong time, find out who you should approach and how you should value your startup to get the right money at the right time

Startups: Avoiding the sharks

How to make sure your startup doesn’t get eaten by the sharks

Accelerators: Good, Bad or Ugly

Accelerators can often be a founder’s first to exposure to professional investors… But you have to get it right!

How to go from good idea to venture

A lot of ventures fail because the founder initially focuses solely on the product ( idea), yet there are 11 stages to building a successful venture, of which “building the product” is the last…

Before you quit your day job

“Experienced professionals” have major risk factors which can limit them from creating ventures: personal, professional, strategic and market. Make sure you’re set up for venture success!

How to fund and build a tech team?

How do you build a business that can grow to become significant & successfully?
Think about your endgame and then reverse engineer back from that!