The Starting Block

Our purpose is to Inspire, Develop and Invest in experienced professionals, to help them, as aspiring entrepreneurs, create great businesses. 

We address the core challenges of building a successful enterprise from a startup, through our 5-Stage Accelerator program “The Starting Block”®.

As a ‘Business as a Service’, we succeed only by inspiring founders to success, & collaborating with others to continue to do ‘better things in better ways’.

Our methods of success are based upon addressing and mastering eight critical areas that can significantly leverage the success of experienced professionals in any venture, market or industry.


Formed & refined from methods tested over 20 years of practical experience -not from textbooks or theory– but through 1st-hand learning of what does & doesn’t work for our ‘tribe’. 

So we support professionals to:

•        Identify & overcome their risk factors, 

•        Leverage & maximize their success factors,

•        Build successful and scalable, disruptive or digital enterprises,

•        Encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation,

•        Connect with people who can help unlock the value of their vision,

•        Discover and share the ‘secrets’ of success, 

•        Engage with a growing startup ecosystem, which will also 

•        Improve the quality of ‘deal-flow’ in validated startups for investors.


We give you the tools over a half day so you can do it yourself.


For those that need further help, we help you plan through the stages needed for your business over 2 days.


We mentor you through everything you need to creator your new venture over the course of a 16 week program.

Dates released soon, in the meantime you can register your interest here: